Iowa Loose Meat Sandwiches For Dogs

img_9683永利现在网址多少In Iowa, a “Maid-Rite” is not only a chain of restaurants, but what locals know as a loose-meat sandwich.  Growing up in the south, we called these types of sandwiches “Sloppy Joe’s” but there are some variations between the two.  This sandwich for persons is usually served with onions, mustard and pickles, but of course you need to leave all of that off for your dog.  Enjoy this dog-friendly version and be transported to Iowa!

Iowa Loose Meat Sandwiches For Dogs

(Makes 2 sandwiches, so use portion control)

永利现在网址多少1 pound of cooked, lean, ground beef drained

永利现在网址多少1/4 cup organic, cooked and finely chopped green bell peppers

2 Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns or !



永利现在网址多少Take cooked meat and combine with cooked bell peppers.  Scoop on hamburger buns and serve! It is that easy!

This is meant as a treat and not a meal replacement.  Always consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet